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Yoga Smrti Daikanyama

Yoga therapy is effective towards everyone regardless of age or gender.

Yoga is the art which keeps mind and body in good health by practicing asana, breathing methods, and meditating. It is the skill to face yourself and control yourself.

Yoga is effective for all people regardless of age or gender.

Each person should approach yoga individually, in accordance with each person's own physical and mental state, as well as needs.

We offer your own personal program based on your needs.

Traditional yoga and yoga therapy

Our studio instructs yoga based on traditional yoga and yoga therapy.
We recommend this book to those who want to know the yoga therapy that we perform, in detail.
Yoga Therapy Theory: Modern Methods Based on Traditional Teachings of Human Structure and Function


Course Options

Course Time Charge Latest Reservation
Short 45min. Single Booking – ¥7,500   Double Booking –  ¥10,000 〜19:15
Regular 60min. Single Booking – ¥10,000 Double Booking –  ¥15,000 〜19:00
Long 90min. Single Booking – ¥15,000 Double Booking –  ¥20,000 〜18:30

Open: 10:00〜20:00

Initial booking must be at least a regular or long session, as it will include a consultation.

  • Shower facilities are available.
  • The yoga mat is provided.
  • Yoga Smrti is for exclusive use of women, but we accept men when they have an introduction or a female companion.
  • Credit card (VISA /  Master /  AmericanExpress / JCB) Available.

Monthly Course Option

¥30,000 – 4 classes max in 1 month.
We offer personal counseling at least once every month.
Please select any courses you like, short, regular or long.

Visiting Lesson

We accept visiting lessons for companies, establishments, schools and any other.
Please contact us about the charge, as it is different depending on the number of participants and the location.


mapYoga Smrti Daikanyama

〒150-0035 Hosono building 202, 9-21 Hachiyama-Cho, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo(googlemap)
Mail: info@yogasmrti.com
Open : 10:00〜20:00